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Use pallets or wood strips under cardboard boxes, furniture, and other items to avoid damage by dampness.

Don't store items that may freeze.

Don't store food items in boxes or plastic bags to avoid scrutiny by rodents.

Don't store any items that may be combustible.

Apply oil to bare metal parts to prevent rust.

Prepare an itemized list of all the items to be stored, alongside a current market value. Keep this master list with you.


Packaging Materials

Corrugated Boxes, Packing paper, Styrofoam peanuts, Bubble wrap, Magic Markers, Zip lock bags, Rags, towels, Blankets, Sealing Tape, Notepad and papers. Prepare a Master list of all the items to be packed.



Do not overstuff boxes.

For smaller boxes, try to keep the weight below 30 pounds for ease of handling.

Fill boxes with crumbled paper or Styrofoam peanuts to prevent collapsing.

Seal boxes to prevent dust from entering.

Assign a unique number to each box, prepare itemized list of items inside the box and affix it to the exterior of the box. Copy the Box Number and the itemized list to the Master list.



Always clean furniture before storing. Food crumbs may draw pests. Polish wood furniture.

Knock down (Disassemble) furniture as much as possible. Put screws and hardware in a 
zip lock bag and tape it to where it belongs.

Store frames in the rear corner to prevent falling over other items.

Use towels or blankets when stacking furniture to prevent scratching.

Don't use plastic film to cover furniture, it may create moisture condensation.

Cover mattresses with plastic. Store vertically.

Tie bed rails together.

Wrap Chair legs with bubble wrap. Cover upholstered chairs with plastic.


Clothes and draperies

Always clean clothes before storing. The clothes must be dry.

Use wardrobe boxes.

Don't use mothballs, they may cause stains, exception is woolen clothes.

Use cedar wood blocks to repel moths

Use non-rusting hangers.



Pack books flat. Store in small boxes



Clean and dry appliances before storing.

Secure doors with Tapes


Dishes and glassware

Wrap individual piece with paper or bubble wrap. Use crumpled newspaper to fill in gaps.


Pictures and Mirrors

Wrap in foam or bubble wrap, pack on ends.


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